Our IDENTITY Collection now LIVE

THOP Clothing IDENTITY was designed to help you flow into all the areas of your daily life, to help you feel dressed up and geared to achieve your goals for the day.

  • Redefined Lounge Wear

    We all end up with easy-to-wear, durable, multi-purpose clothes that are able to accompany us through different events of our life, rather than wasting precious moments over a flimsy cross-over dress. 

    There’s no expiration date to have fun, Is there?

  • Fresh Palettes

    We looked around, observed and took notes. Lounge fashion right now could do with some splashes of color to add some excitement to the mundane everyday.

    We've curated our color palette to make sure you can effortlessly mix and match your favorite Surface pieces, look fresh and flow into any area of your life.

  • Uncompromised Quality

    We've spent months on every item, perfecting each design to make you feel extra confident and extra comfortable in every hustle you do. Our products are made with structured knit fabric, premium cotton which feels light weight & a soft fleece inside to always keep you cozy & warm.